Table Hosts/Captains are one of the most important elements in ensuring the success of this event. If you have a heart for vulnerable children & Agape's ministry, you can help make this event a greater success by being a table host. 


As a Table Captain, you agree to fill a table of 8 people, including yourself. 

Think about people who you know who might be interested in being a part of an evening helping children.  Make a list of folks you know personally & professionally who might have an interest in Agape’s ministry.  

Once you sign up to be a Table Captain you will get a link with tickets for your table. When you invite someone and they confirm, simply put in their name and email address in the blanks on the link, click send invite and the ticket(s) will be sent to them. 

Feel free to contact Morgan Tuggle ( or 334-272-9466) if you have questions or need additional information. 

Your participation enables Agape to continue our ministry to vulnerable children and their families. 

Each share, tweet, and email helps us spread the word about Agape of Central Alabama.

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